Hollow City, the much-anticipated sequel to Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children, takes up this strange story at the precise moment the first book ends. It is 1941 and Jacob Portman together with Miss Peregrine and his new-found family, the peculiar children, are stranded on a boat in murky waters.

Terrified and in danger, with terrible hollows and wights on their tail, they must row their perilous way to London, the peculiar capital of the world. All along this dangerous journey, they will meet a cornucopia of new allies, many equally at risk of capture by the sinister hollowghasts.

At once a suspenseful escape story and pacy quest narrative, the book also reveals each central character more intimately to the reader. As Jacob is no longer the story’s only narrator, in Hollow City, we are able to see the world through the eyes of the peculiar children. While the adventure unfolds, we learn many more fantastical details about each unusual child, and their uncannily long lives.

As in Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children, Hollow City combines text with bizarre, vintage photography depicting oft-impossible scenes using highly-effective photographic tricks; fans of the first book will delight in the fifty-plus new, spectral images.


Publisher: Quirk Books 
ISBN: 9781594747359 
Number of pages: 416 
Weight: 451 g 
Dimensions: 206 x 132 x 24 mm

Hollow City Ransom Riggs

SKU: 9781594747359

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