• Natasha Hart

Why You Need to Go on a Blind Date with a Book.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Do you you find yourself constantly scanning your bookshelves, struggling to pick your next read? Do you find yourself judging a book by its cover too much? Do you rely too heavily on reviews and other people's opinions when choosing what to read next? Sounds like you need to have a 'blind-date' with a book.

Nowadays, the world is a pretty noisy place with people sharing their opinions 24/7 online, that sometimes it can be hard to determine what your own thoughts and feelings are. This can especially be applied to choosing your next book. You see bookstagrammers on Instagram reviewing a book you had on your to-be-read list, and they give it a bad review. Does this change your opinion about the book before reading it? You begin to trust strangers' opinions more than your own, without really realising it. So much so, that maybe you never even buy that book, and then you can never form your own opinion.

Wouldn't it be nice to remove all that noise, and discover a book that really excites you, rather than you basing your purchase on the opinions of others?

This Valentine's Day at The Book Nook you can do just that by going on a 'blind-date' with a book. Come into the shop any day this week and take a peek at our Valentine's shelf. Here, you'll find a selection of books wrapped in brown paper, tied-up with string, like little Valentine's gifts for those who love books. No colourful covers, no exciting titles to catch your eye, just brown paper. That's it. Simple.

Look closer, and you'll see each book has a tag on it. On this tag, a sentence. A phrase. A secret snippet of the story inside. That's all you get on your 'blind-date' with a book. Read one tag, or read them all, but find one that piques your interest. Choose this book. Pick it up. Feel its weight in your hands. You have no clue what's inside. Isn't it exciting?

You know, though, that you'll probably love this book. You've cut-through all the noise of the book reviews and the instagrammers, of the loud covers and your pre-made opinions. In your hands you have the gateaway to a new world, a new story, one that you may never have picked up before, but one you'll surely love. And hey, isn't that what Valentines is all about? Spending quality-time with your loved ones? And don't you just love books?

So, put down the reviews, log-out of Instagram, come into The Book Nook, and go on a 'blind-date' with a book this Valentines weekend. You never know, you may just fall-in-love...

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