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Six Books Your Dad Will Love This Father's Day

This Sunday, it’s Father’s Day. Whether you’ve been prepared for weeks, or we’ve just reminded you (you’re welcome!), there’s never been a better gift to get your Dad than that book you’ll know he’ll love.

No matter what your Dad’s favourite hobby is, be it footy at the weekends or meandering hours away with his nose in a book, we’ve got you covered with so many titles, so many amazing choices, that are sure to make him smile.

So, don’t panic if you’ve left shopping too late this year, there’ll be no dodgy cake-baking, or any IOUs tucked into cards necessary.

We’ve chosen six books below that will be loved by the majority of Dads, with one of them surely being the ideal match for your Dad.

Rest assured you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift below.

1. I, Robot: How to be a Footballer Part Two by Peter Crouch

This is definitely the book to gift any football-loving Dads out there. If he’d rather be on the pitch than reading a book, this is the best of both worlds. He’ll surely love chuckling away to the funny tales from one of the nation’s favourite footballers. So, even though your Dad can’t go to a football match this Father’s Day, let him revel in the game he loves from the comfort of his couch, with the legendary Peter Crouch.

2. One Two Three Four: The Beetles in Time by Craig Brown

If You’ve got a Beetles fan in the family, then this new outstanding biography by Craig Brown would be the perfect gift this Father’s Day. Full to the brim with the essence of The Beetles era, One Two Three Four will transport you back to the years where Beetlemania was at its height. This will not disappoint even the most hardcore of fans.

3. The Oracle by Clive Cussler & Robin Burcell

Treasure maps, missing scrolls, and deadly curses. What more could you want from a Clive Cussler novel? This latest adventure with Sam and Remi takes you to Tunisia, where robbers have no morals and there’s a treasure waiting to be discovered. The perfect gift if your Dad is already a fan of Clive Cussler, but also if he fancies himself a bit of an “Indiana Jones” sort of Dad at home.

4. The Mobster’s Lament by Ray Celestin

This is the third part in a series like no other. The mysteries of New York’s mafia underbelly are laid bare by Gabriel Leveson, a mob fixer trying to escape. If your Dad is a fan of the old crime noir fictions – think Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett - then this modern take on a classic genre is surely going to keep him up at night with its riveting pages.

5. Marigolds, Myrtle & Moles by Alan Titchmarsh

Your favourite gardener is back with a whole new look at gardening, this time seen through the eyes of a poet. Your nature-loving Dad is sure to enjoy these endearing poems by Alan himself, about snowdrops and the humble peony, about his time spent in various gardens, on and off screen. This is needed on any gardener’s shelf and is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, look at what we love most about our gardens.

6. False Value Ben Aaronovitch

The anticipated next edition to the Rivers of London series finds Peter Grant on the cusp of fatherhood, whilst working for the elusive Serious Cybernetics Company. But secrets suffocate this new path of Peter Grant, secrets that have to do with magic just as much as this new mysterious technology. If your Dad is a fan of the series, this is the perfect Father’s Day gift. If he’s new to it, why not check out the first of the series, Rivers of London? If your Dad loves to immerse himself in a good book series, there are now eight books in this one, so it would be the perfect gift.

So, there you have our six favourite Father’s Day gift suggestions. Obviously, we have so many more in store, so if you don’t find what you love here, you can always come in and see if you can discover the perfect book amongst our shelves. We look forward to meeting you!

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