If You Liked These Netflix Films, Then You’ll LOVE These 10 Books

We’re all book lovers here, aren’t we? Bookworms, through and through.

But many of us enjoy a Netflix night in, too.

Tons of blockbuster flicks, right before your eyes. Not a bad deal.

And sometimes, our favourite book gets turned into one of those flicks.

Book-to-screen adaptations have been super popular in recent years. From Game of Thrones and The Witcher to Normal People and Bridgerton, it’s clear that books can become huge hits on the screen. And if you're a Bridgerton fan, check out our Bridgerton post here!

Netflix love book adaptations, and it's a titan streaming platform growing ever bigger. It now has over 200 million paid subscribers, up more than 30% from 2019. Roughly 37 million subscribed last year, and a whopping 8.5 million in the last 3 months.

With so many great film-adaptations on Netflix right now, we thought it would be fun to pick some of our favourites.

But wait, there's more! Although you might already know some of these books-turned-films, there are some golden book gems by the same authors that you might have missed. So we've decided to treat you to some expert recommendations - so if you liked these Netflix films, then we think you'll love these 10 books.

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If you liked these Netflix adaptations, then you’ll LOVE these 10 books

1. The One by John Marrs

Would you take a DNA test if it paired you with your soulmate? Tempting, right?

The One is now a major Netflix drama, but it’s based on this thrilling, award winning book by John Marrs.

In The One, all you need to do is a quick mouth swab and you’ll be matched with your perfect person. That’s the promise by Match Your DNA, the company behind it, and millions of people around the globe have used it.

But not everyone gets a happy ending. The test has led to countless breakups and also changed traditional ideas of love. When five people get a “matched” notification, they’re about to meet their true love, but soulmates have secrets too...

2. What Lies Between Us by John Marrs

If you’ve read or seen The One and enjoyed it, then why not try this recent book by John Marrs, too?

What Lies Between Us is a dark, disturbing thriller about a house full of spine-tingling secrets.

Maggie and Nina both live in the house, but Maggie is a prisoner, kept in chains. Maggie’s paying the price for what she did to Nina, who can’t forgive her, but Nina doesn’t know everything...

3. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

You’ve probably heard of The Girl on the Train. In 2016, this number one best-selling thriller novel by Paula Hawkins became a major motion picture starring Emily Blunt as the lead, who was nominated for a BAFTA award for her performance.

But if you’re yet to read The Girl on the Train, grab yourself a copy from us because it's a train ride you’ll never forget.

Rachel Watson wishes to escape her life, watching a perfect couple through the train window every day. Seemingly perfect. When Rachel finds out the woman she’s been watching has disappeared, she’ll becomes a witness and even a suspect in this startling mystery with huge costs.

4. A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins

Release date: 31 Aug 2021

But if you liked The Girl on the Train, you’ll just love this new, upcoming release from the same author.

A Slow Fire Burning will follow Laura, a suspect in a chilling murder case that takes place on a London canal boat. This book will dig deep into the life of a criminal, and begs the question: what makes a criminal?

Hawkins herself has said that this book explores “the way that no tragedy happens in isolation: an accident in childhood can have ramifications a decade later”.

Out in August, we seriously can’t wait for this one. You can pre-order from us now!

5. Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Have you seen Behind Her Eyes on Netflix? It’s now a major series, but the book came first. It comes from the No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author, Sarah Pinborough, and it’s won high praise rom Stephen King, so you know it's special.

After her husband walked out, Louise has focused everything on her son, but then she meets David. Young and successful, Louise can’t believe David wants her, but she realises he has a wife, Adele. Soon enough, Louise gets caught up in a web of marriage tensions, and she begins to question everything she knows about the couple.

Dark secrets are to be revealed in this electrifying domestic thriller.

6. Dead to Her by Sarah Pinborough

Paperback release date: 10th June 2021

Behind Her Eyes fan? You're in luck! Sarah Pinborough’s latest novel Dead To Her came out last year, and it’s another gripping, twisted thriller that you don’t want to miss.

When Marcie meets Jason Maddox, she is thrust into high society and can’t believe her luck. But then Jason’s boss brings back a new wife, Keisha, from a trip to London, everyone seems to fall for her beauty and charm. Even Jason.

In the dazzling Dead to Her, how far will Marcie go to keep her place? Desperation can have dark consequences...

If you can't wait for the paperback, send us a message to order in hardback today!

7. All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

If you’re into YA novels or coming-of-age stories, this book by number one bestselling author, Jennifer Niven, is a must-read. All the Bright Places is also now a major film on Netflix starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, and it’s been hailed as the next The Fault In Our Stars by The Guardian.

In the book, it’s the emotional, heart-warming story of a girl and boy. Violet Markey wants to escape her Indiana town, and Theodore Finch is always thinking of ways to kill himself, but is stopped by something good every time. When they meet on the ledge of a tower, their lives change for good.

8. Breathless by Jennifer Niven

Did All the Bright Places blow you away? Well, you’ll love losing yourself in Jennifer Niven’s novel Breathless, too.

Breathless is a dreamy, passionate love story set on a remote island off the coast of Georgia. Claudine Henry finds herself at a loose end on the island before she goes off to college, when she is cut off by her father.

She meets Jeremiah, and their chemistry is electric and immediate. But even if sparks fly, they both know whatever happens can only last the summer...

9. Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton

This drama-filled debut, now also a major Netflix series, follows three girls vying to be the top ballerina at an elite New York ballet school.

In Tiny Pretty Things, everyone wants the top spot, and the competition is fierce. As each performance passes, the tension rises among the ballerinas, and it’s going to get ruthless. Is all fair in love and war? You’ll have to buy this book to find out...

10. Symptoms of a Heartbreak by Sona Charaipotra

Paperback release date: 1st June 2021

Liked Tiny Pretty Things? Great, now try this beautiful story about child genius Saira Sehgal, aged sixteen, who happens to be the youngest MD in America.

This one is romantic comedy and heart-breaker in equal parts. Saira works on the cancer ward and has a crush on a boy at the hospital who has stage-two Leukemia.

Sweet, and tender, this book will throw everything into perspective.

If you'd like the hardback version (which is already out), get in touch!

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