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Beat The Back-to-School Stress With The Book Nook

People can be split into two groups: those that enjoy September and the going-back-to-school vibes, and those that don’t.

Even if you’re way pass the age of going back to school (I know I am), September still has that awe of newness to it, doesn’t it? With the clean, crisp fresh-air of autumn invigorating our productivity levels and our fingers itching to buy some new stationary (I’m looking at you, pastel highlighters), sometimes it can be too late to realise that you’re actually terrified of going back, of having a routine again, of having… responsibilities.

For many of us, this year has been all leading up to now. With staff furloughed and kids out of school, September truly is more of a new start than ever before. This sort of makes it even more daunting for many. If you’ve got kids with back-to-school nerves, or you yourself are feeling a tad overwhelmed, be sure to beat the stress with our tips below.

1. Get Organised

September wouldn’t be complete without a new diary or planner, a new calendar hanging on the wall or a new academic notebook to keep all that homework organised. But why limit the planners to the kids? Treat yourself to some new stationary, even some stickers, so that you can start this new academic year organised and calm. Just think, if you’re organised, you can schedule in some much needed ‘you-time’ with a good book. Why not try one of the books in our recent blogpost Our 12 Favourite Books for Busy Mums?

2. Post - Homework Treats

There’s nothing better to keep motivation levels at a high than having something to look forward to once the task at hand is complete. Instead of chocolates or electronics, why not let the post-homework treat this September be a few chapters of a new book? Why not check out some of our blogposts all about new, upcoming books for kids, like 14 New Books for Kids This Autumn or 20 Books Your Pre-Teens Will Love This Summer?

3. Exciting After-School Activities

The Book Nook is open daily after school (apart from Sunday & Monday), so it’s the perfect place to plan a visit to after picking the kids up from school. An impromptu trip or one they’ve been looking forward to all day, pop-in to The Book Nook after school for some delicious cake and chilled book browsing. You’ll feel great, just as if you’d read one of Our Six Favourite Feel-Good Reads.

4. Weekend Fun

What’s better after a busy week at school than chilling in your favourite shop on a Saturday morning? The Book Nook is open from 10am on Saturday, so instead of dreading the long weekend with no plans, why not head on over to The Book Nook? We’ll have local coffee at hand as well as new book releases to keep yourself and the kids entertained. Why not come and check out one of the books from our list of 14 New Summer Books for Busy Mums?

5. Spark Their Imagination

Having an amazing imagination is one of the best things about being a kid, right? They’re not limited by logic and stress and chores; they can let their minds be free with the help of a great book or game. At The Book Nook we have so many wonderful kids’ books for you to browse: from new releases to classic favourites, you're sure to find something you enjoy. Capture their imagination by reading one of the books from our recent blogpost: 15 More of Our Favourite Nature Books.

Don’t fear the back-to-school feeling anymore. With careful planning, treats and activities to look forward to at the end of a long week, September isn’t looking so bad anymore.

What do you think? Do you have any back-to-school tips and tricks? If so, share them on our Facebook page, as I’m sure lots of parents would love to hear them! If you liked any of the books suggested in the blogposts above, you can order any of them quickly and easily from The Book Nook’s website, or just drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll be happy to help. We hope your back to school adventure goes well!

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