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12 Perfect Books We Know Your Mum Will Love This Mother’s Day (2021)

Updated: Mar 8


They do so much for us, right?

Even now, when you’re all grown-up, they can’t help but to look after you, even from a distance.

With the year we’ve just had, sometimes it might’ve been difficult to see your mum. It might’ve been the longest you’ve ever been apart.

No, YOU’RE crying.

That’s why this Mother’s Day is even more important, even more exciting.

Because it’ll be a chance to show your mum just how much you’ve missed her, with a heartfelt, thoughtful gift.

And what could be more valuable than gifting your mum some “me” time, and a chance to get lost in her new, favourite book?

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t stress. We’re still here (virtually) to help you pick the perfect book.

From cookery books to thrillers, you’ll definitely find a wonderful book your mum will love in our list below.

And if your mum is super busy, she might like one of the books from our ’12 favourite books for busy mums’ blogpost, so check that out after, too.

If you want to make your mum feel extra special, check out our Mother’s Day gift hampers. You can choose your choice of either hardback (£30.00) or paperback (£20.00) book, plus a selection of treats and goodies. And if you’re stuck for book ideas, we’ll suggest some that we’re sure your mum will love.

We’ve got you covered this Mother’s Day.

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12 Perfect Books We Know Your Mum Will Love this Mother’s Day (2021)

Books for Mums That Love Thrillers

1. The Guest List by Lucy Foley

The second book from number one bestselling author Lucy Foley takes us to a desolate island off the Irish coast. Already, it sounds amazing, right?

It’s the wedding everyone’s been dying to attend, but then, well, awkwardly a guest is actually found dead. And all before the cake is cut. Disclaimer: no cake was harmed in the making of this novel.

That’s when, suddenly, a storm hits. The guests are trapped on the isolated island. Cold, and alone.

Or are they?

A modern take on the classic Agatha Christie formula. A great book for mums who like their mystery novels quick and feisty.

2. The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Another one for the Agatha Christie lovers out there. This book is one of the most fantastic murder mystery novels of last year, and it’s all set in a retirement village.

Yep, you heard that right. It’s time to turn those hearing-aids on full, we have a murder to solve!

Follow four friends, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron as they form the Thursday Murder Club to solve the mysterious murder of their property developer. As always, not everything is what it seems…

3. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

If your mum is more into the ‘serious’ thrillers, then this could be perfect.

Kya Clark is known as the ‘Marsh Girl’. She calls the marsh home, and her friends are the gulls. She’s entwined in the natural world, and those in the town just don’t understand. But when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the town all turn on Kya as the murderer because well, she’s different.

Owens reminds us that our childhood shapes us into who we are now, and that all of us are different, in some way. The ideal read for mums who like their books gritty.

Books for Mums That Love Cooking

4. Pinch of Nom by Kay Featherstone & Kate Allison

This is the perfect recipe book if your mum loves cooking and wants to experiment with healthier versions of family-favourite meals.

For when you want something healthy and nutritious, and you want it FAST. Kay & Kate understand the need for meals that are quick and easy, but tasty and low-calorie.

5. The Pot, Pan, Planet by Anna Jones

Is your mum trying to cook more vegetarian/vegan dishes this year? Is she one for getting experimental in the kitchen? If so, this would be the most delicious edition to her culinary book collection.

Packed full of tantalising recipes from all over the globe, you’ll be eating breakfast in Dubai, lunch in Italy, and dinner in Korea. With Anna, it’s all about reducing waste, using leftovers, and going plastic free. Get cooking a delicious feast this Mother’s Day that’s also great for the planet, too.

Books for Mums That Love Historical Fiction

6. The Animals at Lockwood Manor by Jane Healey

If your mum prefers books with a bit of bite, then this is the book for her. It’s a glorious example of a modern gothic masterpiece. If your mum’s a fan of Sarah Perry or Bridget Collins she will love love LOVE this.

It’s primarily a mystery novel, with Hetty Cartwright trying to protect the natural history museum’s collection of animals during the start of WW2. She moves the pieces to Lockwood Manor, a stately home with some intriguing, yet haunted, characters within.

There’s nothing better than unravelling the dark, creepy secrets of someone else’s family.

7. Bridgerton: The Duke & I (Book One) by Julia Quinn

This just HAD to be on this list. Definitely one for if your mum loves the Netflix series.

This is the first book in Julia Quinn’s immersive collection. Set amongst Regency London’s most powerful and elite, read the book that inspired the most popular Netflix series of 2020, or indeed, ever.

P.S. if you loved Bridgerton, you’re going to LOVE our next blogpost…. Stay tuned!

8. This Lovely City by Louise Hare

If your mum is a fan of jazz, London and ultimately the Empire Windrush, this would make her smile for sure.

It’s the startling tale of one man’s simple life in south London, just after the Blitz. He’s a new, up-and-coming jazz musician with a promising career.

That is, until one morning.

One morning where he discovers something that’ll change his life forever, and not in a good way.

One morning when he becomes the prime suspect in a tragedy the city just isn’t ready for.

Books for Mums That Love True-Life Stories

9. The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

If your mum loves Cornwall, true-life tales and the dramas of nature, The Salt Path is the book for her!

Ray and her husband, Moth, are faced with a predicament.

In just a few months, they lose their house, their home, and everything they once owned. Plus, Moth has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Now homeless, without direction, they turn to walking The South West Coast Path to find solace, to find ‘home’ once again along the dusty path that follows the sea.

I can’t stress this enough, but EVERYONE needs to read this book. It’s a truly eye-opening experience and will make you reconsider what you really need in life to be happy.

10. Letters on Motherhood by Giovanna Fletcher

A great book for mums with youngish kids.

Giovanna opens-up about her own experience of motherhood. Through letters written to her three sons, husband, as well as family and friends, she discusses the trials and tribulations of being a modern mum. She confesses about suffering from mum-guilt, and struggling to find a work/family balance. She also talks about finding her own identity again, amongst the nappies and endless tantrums (the kids, not hers).

Letters on Motherhood is an honest account of what it truly means to be a mother now, and one your mum might relate to, and love.

Books for Mums That Love Poetry/Fairy Tales

11. Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales

Who said fairy tales were just for kids? Your mum is sure to love these deliciously dark tales from the amazing storyteller that is Angela Carter. Full of twisting lore of macabre cunning and tantalising tricks, this beautifully illustrated edition would be an amazing gift for mums that love gothic fairy tales.

12. Empty Nest edited by Carol Ann Duffy

This is a beautiful collection of poems surrounding the theme of parenting.

Carol Ann Duffy has choses 99 of her favourite poems that best represent the highs and lows that all parents must face. There’s definitely a poem here for every parent or child.

An especially great gift for your mum if you’ve just left the nest yourself.

What book do you think your mum will love most? I think I might have to buy The Animals of Lockwood Manor for myself; it just sounds so GOOD!

We hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day this year, full of laughter and smiles.

Let us know your favourite from the list above over on our Book Nook Facebook page. We can’t wait to hear what you’re excited to read next.

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