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11 Books You Should Pre-order This Autumn

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I love it when the postman surprises me. When I’m not expecting any parcels and then, as I make my way downstairs, bleary-eyed and desperate for a coffee on a Saturday morning, there it is: a mysterious square box sitting on my doorstep. Just waiting to be opened.

Pre-ordering books is a wonderful thing.

It’s like pre-emptively getting yourself a gift for being your own fantastic self, and then forgetting all about it. It’s like a gift from your past self. A gift from a well-known stranger.

Pre-ordering a book is something that can brighten any day.

This autumn, we have so many amazing titles that you can pre-order with us, at The Book Nook. They’re all coming out from September to November, so perfect as a pre-Christmas gift to yourself.

If you’re interested in any of the below, just contact us via Facebook or send us a message here, and we’ll be all too happy to help you along on your reading journey this autumn.

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Now, let us share our 11 favourite books we think you should pre-order this Autumn. There’re definitely some amazing books on this list that we can’t wait to read ourselves.

1. Just Like You by Nick Hornby: Out 17th September

So, this technically came out before this post, but it’s so new it’ll basically still be a pre-order! And this new book from Nick Hornby is definitely one you could get your teeth into this autumn.

Have you heard about those couples that if they’re together long enough, they start to take on each other’s mannerisms and become the same person? But then, ultimately, they end up hating each other? You start to question whether this person who seems so perfect for you was even your perfect partner, and whether someone else, who, on paper, was so wrong for you, is actually the partner of your dreams.

Nick Hornby poses the question (with his trademark humour and storytelling finesse): What if your perfect partner wasn’t like you at all?

2. The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton: Out 1st October

This new book from Stuart Turton is definitely the perfect October read to get you ready for the spooky season. From the author of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (a bestseller), comes a new tale, one set on a cursed voyage to Amsterdam in 1634. There’s demons and a twice-dead leper and only Samuel Pipps and his loyal bodyguard, Arent Hayes, can solve the mystery… or can they? Travel back in the past this October with The Devil and the Dark Water.

3. Mantel Pieces by Hilary Mantel: Out 1st October

This is a slightly different book suggestion here from us, but one we think you’ll love. Hilary Mantel, the winner of the Booker Prize (twice) and an internationally bestselling author of the Wolf Hall trilogy, shares with us her collection of essays and reviews from her time at the London Review of Books. Mantel Pieces is a memoir of one of our greatest living writers, constructed from different works over the years. If you’re a fan of Hilary Mantel, this is the book for you this autumn.

4. The Time-Travelling Caveman by Terry Pratchett: Out 8th October

Now, one for the Terry Pratchett fans! Get ready to step back in time and experience the much-missed writing of this amazing creator. This is a brand-new collection of short stories that were originally written for local newspapers when Terry Pratchett was young. Like all of his work, this collection of tales is hilariously funny and a great edition to any Terry Pratchett lover’s bookshelf.

5. Ghosts by Dolly Alderton: Out 15th October

Ever just feel like you’re trying to juggle too much at once and you’re waiting for the inevitable crash? I mean, I think we can all relate to that after these last couple of months! That’s what 32-year-old Nina Dean feels like, too, with a job as a food writer and with a loyal online following, from the outside her life looks perfect. But, in reality, her life is falling apart. She’s losing her beloved dad to dementia and her mum to a mid-life crisis. This is a funny and relatable novel that’ll keep you reading into the dark October nights.

6. Two Besides: A Pair of Talking Heads by Alan Bennett: Out 15th October

If you’re a fan of the series as seen on BB1 and iPlayer, then you’ll love these two new monologues from Alan Bennett. They both focus on grief, from the perspective of two, ordinary women. In the first, a woman makes life unbearable for her family as she falls for her own flesh and blood. The other focuses on a woman admiring a roadside shrine – for her late partner. With Alan Bennet’s surprising humour, these are sure to be fascinating and thought-provoking reads.

7. War Lord by Bernard Cornwall: Out 15th October

The anticipated final instalment to the epic series. England is at war and the last kingdom, Northumbria, is threatened from all sides and sure to fall. Only one man can save them all: a warrior. Check out War Lord by Bernard Cornwall if you’re a fan of the series – it honestly can’t be missed!

8. The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult: Out 22nd October

I think we’ve all wondered who we’d be if we hadn’t made certain decisions or taken certain paths. Jodi Picoult explores this idea of what could have been in her new novel, The Book of Two Ways. When the plane Dawn is on falls from the sky, she doesn’t think about the life she’s had, but instead of the life that should have been, the one she abandoned 15 years ago. She miraculously survives the crash, but now she’s left feeling lost. The plane company offer her a ticket to wherever she needs to go, but now Dawn is torn between the life she’s leading and the one that she could, and still might, have. Find out what Dawn decides by pre-ordering The Book of Two Ways now.

9. The Magpie Society by Zoe Sugg & Amy McCulloch: Out 29th October

If you loved Pretty Little Liars (I know I did!) and One of Us is Lying, you’ll love this new book from Zoe Sugg & Amy McCulloch. This is the first book in what promises to be an amazing modern gothic series, sure to become your new favourite YA love. Follow Audrey as she starts at a new, but slightly weird, school. All is well, until a student, Lola, is found dead on the beach, with a mysteriously large tattoo of a magpie on her back. No one knows what’s going on, that is, until a podcast comes out entitled, “I KNOW WHO KILLED LOLA. AND ONE OF YOU IS NEXT”. It’s the perfect new book for Halloween.

10. The Betrayals by Bridget Collins: Out 12th November

This is the much-anticipated new book from Bridget Collins, and we’re very excited! From the author of the bestselling book The Binding, comes a book that we don’t know much about yet, but we’re sure it’s going to be amazing. At the top of a secluded mountain, far away from all civilisation, an ancient, mysterious game is taking place, as it has done for centuries. But the secrets will come out. They always do.

11. A Promised Land by Barack Obama: Out 17th November

From the 44th President comes the first part of a two-part memoir of his early political career and his first years in the white house. It’s a deeply personal account of his life in the white house, with his wife and daughters too, as well as how he tackled, and conquered, unprecedented situations as the first African American President. We’re brought inside the oval office as Obama shares with us his internal thoughts, disappointments and all. This is a beautifully written book on what a democracy is, and should be, from the eyes of Barack Obama.

What do you think of our list? Are you excited to pre-order any of the books above? If so, let us know on our Facebook page, we’d love to know what you’re eager to read this autumn! If you liked to pre-order any of the books above, you can order any of them quickly and easily from The Book Nook’s website, or just drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll be happy to help. Happy Reading, everyone!

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