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Frequently asked questions

I’d like to give a Reading Subscription as a gift. What details will I need to give you?

At the time of purchase we’ll just need your name, your recipient’s name and, in order to price the subscription correctly, the country to which the books will be sent.

You don’t need to give us any information about the recipient’s reading tastes – they’ll get in touch with us to complete a questionnaire about that (and to tell us the full address to which we should send the books) once you’ve given them their voucher.

I’ve received a Reading Subscription. How do you choose books to suit my reading tastes?

On our Reading Subscription voucher we ask you to get in touch with us to answer a few questions about your reading tastes and preferences. There's an online questionnaire that you can complete, or we can talk you through it by phone or in the shop. Using the answers to these questions we build a picture of the kind of books you enjoy and who your favourite authors are.

We will then review your questionnaire responses, and any feedback we’ve received from you, each month and will pick titles for you based on this. We aim to stay in touch with you throughout the subscription and ask you to let us know how you’re getting on with the books, so that we can continue to tailor our choices to your tastes.

When will I receive my books?

Once you have completed your Reading Subscription questionnaire, your book will arrive around the beginning of the following month, with the exception of January (when we assume you’ll still be reading your Christmas books.) We can’t give a specific day but if you live in the UK and you haven’t yet received your book by the 10th of the month, please get in touch and we’ll check why it hasn’t yet arrived. For international Reading Subscriptions please allow an extra few days.

What happens if I’ve already read the book that you send me?

We offer a spoiler service which means that we can email you (or a friend/partner) in advance with a clue about the title that we’ve chosen for you (usually the author’s name) to avoid you receiving anything you’ve already read. We also try our best to pick new or unusual books that we think you might not have come across before. However, if you do receive a book that you’ve already read please let us know and then you’re welcome to return it to us and we’ll send out a replacement.

What if my book tastes or contact details have changed since the questionnaire?

If you would like to update your preferences or change anything about the kind of books that we send you please just give us a call or send us an email. Similarly, if you need to change the address to which we're sending the books then do let us know as soon as possible so that we don't have any books going astray.

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